Automate your business banking and earn 3%* p.a.

    Earn 3%* p.a. on your Pile deposits
    Get an overview of all your entities, banks, and accounts
    Automate transfers between your bank accounts
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*Minimum deposit €1,000. Percentage subject to change.

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The smarter approach to business banking


Earn 3% p.a. and extend your runway


Automate transactions to ensure money is always in the right place


Access and manage funds from all accounts with one single login

3% p.a.

Like an overnight account, just better

Earn 3%* p.a. on every euro in your Pile Treasury Account. No limit, full liquidity at all times, and no reference account needed.

*Minimum deposit €1,000. Percentage subject to change.

If you deposit

into your Pile account, you’ll earn an extra 18,000 this year.

Centralised finance operations

Consolidate accounts for easy access and reduce manual tasks

Simplify fund transfers between accounts from one single login

Generate quick, insightful financial reports for informed decision-making

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Pile is the first solution that allowed me to open a digital bank account within minutes, even though complex company structures are standard for VC firms. With Pile, it’s easy to manage my entities and accounts in one single dashboard.

Eckart Koerner


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Your money in safe hands

Thanks to our network of selected and regulated partner banks, you get the safety of a traditional bank with the modern interface of a modern technology company.

European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS)

Backed by EDIS, your deposits are safeguarded up to €100,000, ensuring peace of mind and financial security in accordance with EU regulations.


PSD2 compliant

Adhering to the stringent PSD2 regulatory standards, we champion transparency and robust security measures to protect your financial data.


2-factor authentication

Your transactions are secured with two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access.


Fund safety

Your funds remain secure, even in the unlikely event of Pile's insolvency. Partnered with licensed and regulated institutions, we prioritize the complete safety of your funds.


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  • What is Pile?

    Pile is a treasury service app for high-growth startups from seed to Series C, as well as business angels and venture capitalists. Pile includes a bank account and access to various product features such as fixed deposits and overnight money, and allows you to set up your entire banking setup across multiple banks and view everything in a single dashboard overview. Pile helps you grow, manage and keep your capital safe.

  • Why should I use Pile?

    If you're a high-growth startup or work with venture capital in general, you're probably looking for a place to keep your capital safe but also effective. Pile helps you do that.It's the central place where the European startup scene keeps their money - with pooled views across multiple bank accounts and access to a range of financial instruments from fixed deposits to overnight money.Whether you are just starting to build a good bank portfolio or already have two to three accounts spread across Europe, Pile is the best option to keep everything in view and therefore under control.

  • How much does Pile cost?

    Pile's services are available from a basic fee of €29 per month, which covers both the cost of the bank account, connecting external bank accounts and access to financial products such as fixed deposits or overnight money. For further features, such as automated payments, different price plans are available depending on the size of your business and the number of bank accounts you want to integrate, as well as the amount of capital deposited.

  • Is Pile a bank?

    Pile itself is not a bank, but a technical service provider that does not offer regulated financial services. All regulated financial services are operated by our banking partner, Swan, who are a registered e-money institution and a EBA-STEP2 BNP Paribas SEPA Indirect Participant, thereby under the supervision of the European Banking Association, BaFin in Germany and ACPR in France.

  • What are the requirements to open a Pile account?

    To open an account with Pile, your business must be based in Europe and registered with the local tax authority. We welcome businesses of all stages of development and sizes.

  • How long does it take to open a Pile account?

    Registration takes about 10 minutes. The account approval process depends on the partner bank's Know-Your-Business (KYB) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes, which usually just takes a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of your business structure.

  • How are my deposits protected?

    All Pile partner banks belong to the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme, which means that in the event of a bank insolvency, deposits up to €100,000 are protected and will be returned in full within seven working days. At the same time, Pile makes sure to work with the best and most secure banks, to provide a hassle free financial service.

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We started using Pile from the very beginning, which allowed us to diversify early and create a super lean setup that made us feel secure at any point in time.

Katia Yakovleva



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