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Our pricing plans

*Minimum deposit €1,000 . This is a variable percentage that may change on an ongoing basis based on market conditions. For more detailed information you can look at our Price and Service list.Download PDF

How is the pricing structured

Subscription model

Pile offers a subscription model that is billed on a monthly basis and automatically renewed.

Pay for what you need

Our pricing is on a sliding scale and adjusts depending on the number of accounts connected.

Free trial

Start with a free trial and no commitment. If you like what you see, keep using Pile and watch your earnings increase.

Why startups bank on Pile

Low entry barriers

Our goal is to make profitable and promising financial products accessible to everyone without having to go through lengthy processes.

Renowned partners

Our rigorously selected partners are regulated EU banking institutions and guarantee deposit insurance of €100,000.


Pile offers you the best of both worlds: Access to traditional financial products and innovative, easy-to-use software. So you can always keep an eye on your assets.

Seamless processes

Your Pile Account is opened in just a few minutes, so you can start investing your capital profitably straight away.

Ferdinand Dabitz

Ferdinand Dabitz

CEO and Co-founder Ivy


The registration process went absolutely smoothly. Pile has everything you would expect from a modern treasury solution.


  • What do I need to open an account with Pile?

    To open an account with Pile, your business must be based in Europe and registered with the local tax authority. We welcome businesses of all stages of development and sizes.

  • How long does it take to open a Pile account?

    It takes about 10 minutes to sign up. However, the account approval process depends on the partner bank's Know-Your-Business (KYB) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes, which can take a few days depending on the complexity of your business structure.

  • How does onboarding work at Pile?

    From signing up to managing your capital optimally, there are only 5 simple steps:

    1. Register with Pile.
    2. When you sign up, provide all the information about your business that our partner bank needs to open your Pile Account (Know-Your-Business process).
    3. Verify your identity (Know-Your-Customer process).
    4. Transfer funds to our partner bank's account and earn interest on your deposits.
    5. Choose between different banking products to diversify your deposit risk and increase your capital.

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