Be in control
of your capital.

  • Earn up to 2.5% p.a. interest from trusted banks.
  • Diversify your capital across multiple accounts.
  • Extend your runway and optimise your cashflow.

Your final balance

seen in

Earn money while diversifying your deposit risk.

Multiple Accounts

Diversify your risk by opening multiple deposit accounts with our network of partner banks.

Up to 2.5% p.a. interest

Choose among different interest deposit accounts and start earning on your extra cash.

Runway planning

Visualise and actively manage your cash and runway all in one place from your Pile account.

Coming soon

Account aggregation

Get a consolidate overview an of your business accounts in Pile.

Extra deposit insurance

Get extra deposit insurance on top of the standard 100k.

What you need

We build what can help you focus on your goal, your business.

Trusted by Startups across Europe

Luka Ivicevic

Luka Ivicevic

CEO and co-founder,

Index Health

“We actively think about diversifying our capital across multiple bank accounts and Pile is making this very easy.“

Ferdinand Dabitz

Ferdinand Dabitz

CEO and co-founder,


“The Pile signup process was very smooth and straight forward. Everything you expect from a modern treasury solution.“

Pile Capital GmbH does not provide any regulated financial services. Pile Capital GmbH cooperates with fully licensed banks (credit institutions under CRR) duly supervised within the European Union and subject to the local deposit guarantee schemes, who in turn may provide regulated financial services to Customers.

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