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Non custodial Wallet.

Give your customers the ability to seamlessly hold and move assets across protocols while always retrieving full control on their end.

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Our products are designed with you and your customers’ needs in mind.

Use the wallet across services and vendors.

Give your customers the ability to carry their wallet across services and vendors truly enabling a seamless cross-app wallet experience.

Sign any transactions with the wallet.

Fully exposed signing API which means the wallet can sign any transaction payload and interact with all smart contracts or decentralized applications.

Retrive control on the funds at any time.

Your keys, your coins. Your customers are the only one who can access their funds and no third party could ever stop them from accessing your assets.

Pay less fees.

Our non custodial wallets also offer a cheaper asset holding solution, seeing as there is no need for a custodian to handle your customers’ private keys.

Execute faster transactions.

Transactions are also executed faster, as end-customers are the only party that needs to sign the transaction deal.


Fintech companies that added cryptocurrency features (such as investment) have seen user numbers double or even triple.

Why Pile?

If you’re a startup, neobank or Fintech company your next step would be tapping into the world of crypto.

With Pile you can do that in weeks instead of months without having to worry about technical requirements or capital to build and acquire the know-how  in-house.