Giving your customers
access to DeFi products

Crypto-as-a-Service for startups, neobanks and fintechs

Why Pile

Secure access to DeFi

Our API products are built by technical experts with industry-standard security and compliance at its core. We handle the infrastructure and license work, so you can focus on building a rich UX for your customers.

Easy integration and setup

Getting started is easy. Instead of lengthy demos and sales calls simply schedule your integration meeting and look into our API documentation upfront. Pile abstracts away the complexity of crypto, so our APIs are designed to be integrated in under 1 hour.

Better financial products

An incredibly fast-moving market full of potential. With Pile you get access to a world of protocols that are optimized for security, speed and growth - both you and your customers will enjoy.

Flexible at every step

At Pile we dislike static and complicated pricing schemes. As a consequence our pricing and product offering is flexible and straight forward and can be fully adapted to your businesses' needs.


Yield API

With Crypto-as-a-Service, startups, neobanks and fintechs can diversify their product offering, increase revenue, lower acquisition costs, and improve customer loyalty.

Integrate Pile’s flexible yield API and simplify development and compliance, without sacrificing your customers’ experience. We take care of the regulatory and crypto side of things and you focus on creating customer value.

Once a Pile account is created, your customers can deposit EUR into their wallet. We convert them into stablecoins and plug them into DeFi. They will be able to see their money grow by generating yield (interest) and withdraw at any time with no lockups. Without sacrificing your customer’s experience.

The Power of DeFi

More than speculation

Decentralized finance is here to stay. The use cases expanded far beyond opinions, hypotheses and investing into volatile assets. Since mid-2020s the offering includes new ways to lend, trade, and earn, but also send, pay and save money.

Borderless money

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology have made it possible to have and build on global financial rails. These rails can be leveraged in DeFi to provide higher levels of innovation, transparency and efficiency as well as lower cost cross-border payments.

Yield API

Yield API

Are you ready?

Build on new financial rails. Join the DeFi movement.

Give your customers access to compliant and secure DeFi products.

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